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Posted on Apr 23, 2013

Moon Dough Magic Zoo Review – Rainy Day Entertainment

Moon Dough Magic Zoo Review – Rainy Day Entertainment

OK, I know I’m a bit late to the party on this, but I’ve fallen in love with Moon Dough.

Since our weather seems to have been permanently stuck on 3 degrees and continuous snow / sleet / hail, I’ve been raiding the craft cupboard for some indoor entertainment.

We’ve been dedicated fans of PlayDoh for years – if it was good enough for me, then it’s good enough or my kids, and they didn’t need any of this fancy lunar substitute.

And besides, Moon Sand is a substance sent to Earth directly from Hell for the sole purpose of upsetting parents.

So no, I’d never been tempted by Moon Dough.

Then just before Son#2’s birthday, my Mum went on a spending spree and bought the Moon Dough Zoo on sale.

Here it is in a promo shot:
Moon Dough Zoo

And here’s what it looks like on my kitchen table.

There’s molds for 3 animals, and wind up feet to stick the models on.

That archway contraption lowers the mold onto the feet, then releases the animal when you crank the handle at the top.

Son#2 has played with it on and off for a couple of hours today.

We’ve squished it, cut it, rolled it and molded it.

My investigations today have led me to notice:

1) It works! It can be a bit crumbly, but when squished into molds, it really works.

And 2) It is easy to clean up. Really easy in fact. Son#2 took advantage got a bit carried away when I was distracted on the phone and stuffed some toys with Moon Dough to see what shapes would be made. But it shook out really easy. The molds just need a quick wipe, or tap on the table, to get the Dough off, the big bits all squished back together and went in a food bag, and the tiny bits on the carpet got sucked up my handheld vacuum cleaner. Result.

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