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Posted on Feb 28, 2011

Moshi Monsters Toys, Moshlings and Monstro City – Toy Tattle Explains

Moshi Monsters Toys, Moshlings and Monstro City – Toy Tattle Explains

These toys are quite literally from another world, so parents, if you want to keep up with what your kids are up to online, you’d better do your research.

The Moshi Monster website, the UK’s answer to Disney’s Club Penguin, is already a huge hit, with 35 million users already subscribed, 11 million of those from the US.

It is commonly described as ‘Facebook for kids’, but really it is more like a social networking site built for Tamogotchis (remember those, back in the day).

The Lingo

  • Moshi Monsters are the online character.
  • Monstro City is the online world where Moshi Monsters live.
  • Moshlings are Moshi pets.
  • Rox is Monstro City currency.

How the site works is free to subscribe, and is open to kids from 5 years up.

When kids sign up they design a Moshi Monster who will effectively be their online persona. This is an important safety feature of the site. Unlike on Facebook or MySpace, kids are never themselves, talking about their own lives – they are always the Moshi Monster. The site is also heavily monitored and moderated.

The Moshi Monster lives in Monstro City and the aim of the game is to keep the Moshi happy. He needs food and furnishings for his home. All this is paid for with Rox, which are earnt by playing online mini games.

The Moshi also needs to attract friendships with other Moshi’s. Kids can give out their Moshi name to their real-life friends, who can then track them down in Monstro City.

As mentioned the site is free to use, but paying a small monthly subscription will unlock other features.

Moshi Monsters Toys

With Moshi Monsters’ online domination well under way, they are now ready to start generating some serious money by invading the real world.

Soon to be hitting the toy shelves are, plush Moshi Monsters, bigger talking plush Moshi Monsters, and Moshi Monster back pack buddies – little figures with a clip to attach to a strap or belt loop.

All the Moshi toys planned for release soon are based on the six main characters: Poppet, Katsuma, Diavlo, Zommer, Furi and Luvli.

The toys each come with a unique code, used for unlocking items or features on the Moshi Monsters webite.

In the UK the Moshi Mash Up collectible Moshi Monsters card game is about to take over school playgrounds, so expect that to hit the States in the summer too.

Distribution is being managed by Spin Master, so wherever you normally buy your Bakugan, Tech Deck or Zoobles toys, will probably be stocking Moshi Monsters.

As always you can pick these new toys up through small independent sellers on Amazon and eBay, but be careful not to get stung by inflated prices.

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