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Posted on Jun 23, 2012

Moshi Monsters: Moshlings App Review

Moshi Monsters: Moshlings App Review

The lovely people at Mind Candy gave me a voucher code, so my little Moshi-fans and I could test drive their new Moshlings app.

We loaded it up onto the iPad this evening and the boys loved it.

Eldest son got first dibs on the app

How it works

Pick a Moshling, and then use a carousel at the bottom of the screen to pick new facial features, accessories and background decorations to decorate your Moshling in whatever way you choose.

Did it work

Yes. I gave it to 7 year old eldest son with minimal instruction and he figured it out pretty quickly. As with all the best iPad apps, it is fairly intuitive to use. Youngest son, 5, watched with eager anticipation, and when he finally got his hands on the iPad, he could use the app without any help at all.

and then the little one got a turn - can you see his feet wiggling together - that means he's excited

Kids verdict

They loved it. Because there is no pressure of a time limit, or completing a level like you get with many video games and apps, they had fun together just making the Moshlings look silly, and giggling away at their creative pictures.

My verdict

I love it too for a few reasons:

  • Not all the facial features fit every Moshling so judging which ones to choose from the carousel helps with visual percpetion skills
  • No shooting, violence, slashing of creatures (see Ninja Fishing) and the sound effects are minimal too – so its a nice peaceful game to keep kids occupied in a waiting room, or on a car journey.
  • I loved how they worked on it as a team, and there was lots of laughing so I know they were enjoying it.

Moshi Monsters: Moshlings App is available from iTunes now for just £0.69.

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