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Posted on Jan 30, 2012

New Moshi Monsters Toys For 2012 – News from London Toy Fair

New Moshi Monsters Toys For 2012 – News from London Toy Fair

Last week I was lucky enough to visit Toy Fair 2012 at Olympia in London.

My very first visit was to the Vivid Imaginations stand, so I could check out all the new Moshi Monsters toys we could look forward to playing with in 2012.

So here’s a run down of what caught my eye.

#1 Super Hero Moshi Monsters Plush

They do nothing except look cute.

No fancy lights or sound effects.

Just a cape and an eye mask.

But that was enough to seriously distract me from the Vivid Sales Manager desperately trying to focus my attention on something far less interesting.

Super Katsuma, Poppet and Diavlo and out now, and cost just £10.

#2 Shhh – Super Secret – Not Yet Released Stuff

Sorry, no photos. Video cameras and photography was strictly forbidden. These toys won’t be out until Autumn, but I am already sure they will be Christmas hits. There are two new Moshi Monsters playsets – a Head Quarters (my favourite) and a house. I had a sneaky play with them, and I like them a lot more than the original Moshlings Playhouse.

#3 Bobble Bots

These were up in the Innovations First stand (makers of Hexbugs).

They are little robotic Moshlings, who buzz around in their own little neighbourhood.

I had a great time playing with these and could be seriously tempted to buy a couple of sets. The playsets can be slotted together so you can create your own Monstro City and make it any size of shape you like.

The Moshling Bobble Bots may appear to be moving with purpose, but they actually use the same vibrating technology as the Hexbug Nano, so essentially they are just jittering erratically within the confines of the yellow border round the edge on the grids. This is great fun, because the Moshlings seem to have a mind of their own, and kids have to make up a story to match their movements, unlike with traditional play figures which are used to act out a story the child has already decided on.

You can buy just the Moshling for around £8, and then the sets graually increase in size incorporating more plastic floor tiles (you clip them together to create your own Monstro City), and even Moshi shops and buildings.

The play set featured in the video would cost around £30.

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