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Posted on Oct 22, 2011

My Keepon Dancing Robot Toy

My Keepon Dancing Robot Toy

My Keepon started out life as a very expensive tool in autism therapy.

Now he has been made available to the mass market, with a proportion of proceeds being put towards the ongoing work of the My Keepon Pro robot.

He is essentially an animatronic squishy yellow blob that responds to sound and touch.

Most of the robotics is hidden in the blackbox leaving his body to be soft, squishy and free-moving.

In the photo, can you see two little yellow buttons at the bottom of his black stage that look a little like eyes? Well those are used to switch the robot between’touch’ and ‘sound’ modes. He can’t cope with responding to both at the same time so you need to tell him what to be concentrating on.

The yellow skin is pressure sensitive to he knows if he’s getting poked or tickled. He will physically respond to the touch, but it also effects his mood, making him excited, curious or even sleepy.

The little black nose is a sensitive microphone to pick up music or any beat you clap or tap out for him.

He also has his own little language to communicate with.

My Keepon Commercial

If you haven’t seen the commerical yet then take a look at this – it had my kids crying with laughter.

My Keepon Demo Video

The video below shows the robot in action without the fancy marketing shots or loud music. I especially like how it takes the robot a little while to pick up a beat before dancing to it – it makes him seem like he is really thinking about it.

My Keepon Hands On Review

My kids and I love our new pet Keepon. He can take a while to pick up the beat in music, but he is very quick to react to normal conversation – turning his head to whoever is talking. Our favorite game is sitting him amid the huge Thomas and Friends train set on the floor. As he hears the trains approach, he turns his head just as if he is train spotting.

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