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Posted on Oct 24, 2012

My Keepon the dancing yellow blob robot

My Keepon the dancing yellow blob robot

Ever since that orange blob starting dancing his way around the house in that EDF energy advert, the people of the UK have had just one question on their mind (and no it wasn’t ‘how can I switch to EDF Energy’) – ‘where can I buy a dancig blob’.

To date, there is no orange dancing blob available, although plans are rumoured for next year.

You can however buy yourself a yellow dancing blob, My Keepon, imagined from the same innovative brain, and created by the same roboteer.

My Keepon was orginally developed as a toy to be used in Autism therapy.

He responds to sound and touch by dancing and moving.

He also has a range of emotions from excited to worried, that he expresses through his body language and his own little babbling language.

Take a look at this video – you won’t get more than 30 seconds in before you start giggling like a toddler, and spluttering your coffee over your keyboard.

I nagged Santa for one last year, and the bearded man came up with the goods.

I love My Keepon, although he is definitely more for an occassional party trick rather than an every day companion.

We love to sit him next to the stereo while we have a dance, and when we put him in the middle of our motorized Thomas railway, he really looks like he is watching the trains go around as his head turns to follow the sound.

After ten months of regularly finding the batteries had died, I noticed an adapter point on the bottom of the black box, and tracked down a compatible one on eBay. That was the best £10 I’ve ever spent. It’s a little frustrating that he can’t travel too far from a socket, but the cable is quite long, and now I never have to change the batteries again.

My Keepon was originally priced at around £50, but you might be able to find it cheaper as it was released more than 12 months ago.

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