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Posted on Jul 1, 2013

Rebelle Blasters – Nerf Bow And Arrows For Girls

Rebelle Blasters – Nerf Bow And Arrows For Girls

Following on from the huge success of the beyond-girly LEGO Friends line, Hasbro are releasing a range of Nerf guns for girls, called Rebelle.

Let’s not do the ‘oh my goodness why do they think all girls’ toys need to be pink’, OK. I do feel a little like that too. I am a little perplexed at the name of the bow, ‘Heartbreaker bow’, as if girls would only consider engaging in warfare in pursuit of love, but that’s it, I’m dropping all negativity and apprehension right there.

Because, if I was a 10-year-old girl (which I’m not), and I’d just read The Hunger Games (which I have), I would be wanting one of these new Nerf blasters (and I do), because they look awesome.

The blasters are due out this Fall, so around September time, and I think they’ll be pretty popular this Christmas.

Here’s the three biggest set in the line:

The Sneak Attacker will also be available as singles.

And there are two other hand gun style blasters called Pink Crush (bleurrghhhh what a terrible name), and Wildshot.

Santa, if your reading this, I quite fancy the Guardian Crossbow, thanks.

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