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Posted on Nov 12, 2012

Nerf N Strike Elite Hail Fire – Nerf gun that holds the most ammo

Nerf N Strike Elite Hail Fire – Nerf gun that holds the most ammo

Big, ugly, lots of ammo, long range – the stuff that boys’ dreams are made of.

This is possibly the most hideous Nerf blaster ever created, but it is officially the Nerf gun that holds the most bullets.

That huge chunk of orange machinery hanging underneath is a rotating ammo rack, giving it the highest capacity of any Nerf blaster ever.

The gun comes with 4 Quick Reload clips and 24 Elite Darts, but it can hold up to 4 more Quick Reload ammo clips and up to 144 darts. The blaster’s acceleration trigger powers up the motor for semi-auto blasting, and it can reach targets up to 75′ away.

Here’s a demo so you can see it in action:

Now go and check out the 40+ customer reviews on Amazon, mostly from experienced, knowledgeable Nerf fans, giving an enthusiatic and honest account of this blaster.

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