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Posted on Jul 6, 2011

Nerf Vortex Series – Disc Blaster Guns

Nerf Vortex Series – Disc Blaster Guns

The new line of Nerf blasters, the Vortex series, is like no other Nerf release you have seen before – these guns fire spinning lime green discs instead of the familiar orange Nerf darts.

The discs let you achieve ultra-long distances. Great for long-shooting practice, exhausting when you are retreiving your ammo.

We have the little Proton gun at home and my seven year old finds it easy to load, aim and shoot.

Each blaster is suitable for kids aged 8 years and up, although an 8 year old would need to be boasting some serious upper-body strength to hold the Nitron or Pyragon for any length of time.

There are six blasters in the range:

Nerf Vortex Proton: A small, quickfire hand gun – $9.99.

Nerf Vortex Vigilon: Rapid reload gun which can hold 5 discs at a time – $15.99.

Praxis: Pump action blaster, with capacity for 10 discs – $24.99.

Nitron: a fully automatic blaster with two magazines of disc ammo – $44.99

Nerf Vortex Lumitron, $40

Nerf Firefly technology charges up ten discs while they are in the ammo chamber, so that once released they will glow in the dark.

Nerf Vortex Pyragon, $40

Unlike earlier Vortex guns, this one features slam-fire, which enable multiple discs to be launched without resetting.

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