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Posted on Sep 18, 2012

New 2012 Dancing Mickey Mouse Toy – Master Moves Mickey

New 2012 Dancing Mickey Mouse Toy – Master Moves Mickey

For the third year on the bounce we have an all singing, all dancing animatronic Mickey Mouse toy to enjoy.

Introducing Master Moves Mickey, also known as M3.

I think the demo video from TimeToPlay is the best place to start.

All About the M3 Mouse

Let’s clear up a little confusion first. He is called M3 because of the 3 M’s in his name. He is not called MP3 Mickey. Although he plays music, it is pre-programmed and he does not have MP3 functionality.

M3 has 8 dance tracks, and 15 dance moves to share with you.

The toy encourages the development of gross motor skills as little kids copy the dance moves.

It also helps little groovrs burn off some energy.

There are 4 instructional dance lessons to help kids perfect the moves and help them learn how to follow directions.

The toy is operated by squeezing Mickey’s nose to switch songs and moves and to activate interactive dances.

Suitable for ages 2 years and up.

Master Moves Mickey Reviews

There are some really helpful reviews on Amazon – some parents have even uploaded their own videos to show the toy in action, so I really do urge you to go check those out before you make your purchase.

Parents are impressed at how well Mickey executes his moves, and that the high number of moves and songs means the M3 is not as repetitive as the Rock Star and Dance Star Mickey toys that have gone before him.

This was the best hands on video review I could find:

Finding Master Moves Mickey in stock at the best prices

You should expect to pay around $80 for this toy, so be wary of eBay or Amazon private listings charging way above this, in order to profit from its popularity.

If I have learnt one thing in my time while writing about the hottest Christmas toys, it is this: Someone, somewhere has the toy you want at a discounted price – you just need to put the research in to find it.

The big retailers often rotate which of the top toys for Christmas they have on offer, using a saving on a sought after toy to lure in the Christmas gift-buyers. Shopping online is a great way to find those discounts.

If you are struggling to find the toy in stock online, or you just prefer to buy in person, visit your local stores and ask when their next delivery wil be, amd when would be the best time to call back. If they can see you are really committed to making the purchase they might even hold one back for you.

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