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Posted on Apr 19, 2013

New 2013 Party Rocker Baby Furby vs Regular Furby

New 2013 Party Rocker Baby Furby vs Regular Furby

New for 2013, Hasbro have released Furby Party Rockers, which look a lot like Furby babies, and are designed to interact with their grown-up predecessors.

Scaled down in size, features and price, these make a nice companion for your Furby, or a portable pet for little kids.

The smaller, lighter, less wriggly design makes them much easier for small children to handle.

The eyes aren’t expressive but they do light up.

And unlike the dancing 2012 Furby, Party Rockers do not have animatronic bodies, but put it on a hard flat surface and it will rock and move about.

Party Rockers come in four different colors – purple, pink, light blue and dark blue, but unlike a regular Furby who’s personality develops over time, these little guys are fixed in their ways.

Here’s what happened when Furby met her Party Rocker baby:

You can expect to pay around $24.

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