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Posted on Apr 11, 2011

New Air Hogs Heli Blaster – Helicopter Stomp Launch Rocket

New Air Hogs Heli Blaster – Helicopter Stomp Launch Rocket

Blasts up like a rocket, comes back down to Earth like a helicopter – introducing the new Air Hogs Heli Blaster from Spin Master.

Air Hogs Heli Blaster:
Stamp on switch to launch up to 50 feet into the air, then watch as the helicopter blades make it rotate gently on its journey back.

Age Range: 5 years +

Price: $19.99

Availability: At Toys R Us, Amazon and Target (on offer at $14.99).

You need to construct the base yourself, which adds a little time to set-up, but does mean you can collapse it back down for more compact storage.

Place the rocket onto launcher, then jump with all your weight onto the pump to shoot the rocket up into the air.

Once the rocket begins to descend, the force of the air rushing up from underneath it will force the helicopter blades out. These will then make the rocket spin around, just like helicopter blades, until it lands back on the ground.

Earlier versions to kids toy foam rocket launchers need quite a large space as the rockets tend to travel out as well as up.

The Heli Blaster is perfect for the average sized back yard as the rocket travels up and then back down, without going too far from the original launch site.

This toy is a great stress reliever for kids, as being allowed to jump onto something with all their strength is quite liberating and releases excess energy and any frustrations they have stored from the day.

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