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Posted on Jan 9, 2012

Toy Tattle’s tips for Time Lord fans | 5 of the best Doctor Who toys

Toy Tattle’s tips for Time Lord fans | 5 of the best Doctor Who toys

Kick off your search with this short list of the best Doctor Who toys available in 2012.

So you need to buy a gift for a Doctor Who fan – where do you begin?

For a really thorough search I recommend taking a look at the toys available at the online shops listed in the yellow box.

Sort the toys by popularity, then take a look at the customer reviews.

Bit tedious? Time consuming?

Lucky for you, I’ve done it already to draw up my list of favourites.

Use Toy Tracker to find Dr Who toys at the best prices

Plus I’ve thrown in a bit of personal experience too.

1. The Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Price: Around £15

A must for all aspiring Time Lords. This is the only toy you need to kick-off a good role-playing game.

This looks just like the screwdriver Matt Smith (the current Doctor) uses on the show.

Press a button and it pops open. Other buttons make it light up and generate sound effects.

For the really dedicated Who fan, there are ways of pressing the buttons in different orders to unlock secret sounds.

My boys were given one of these each, a year ago, and they are still going strong.

There has been a fair amount of rough play, and both screwdrivers have been disassembled by my most inquisitive son, but they have suffered no ill-effects, and remain a favourite toy.

This toy was so popular with my eledest son (age 6), that this Christmas he asked for a upgrade – the BYO Screwdriver set.

2. Build-Your-Own Screwdriver Set

Price: £18-£20

The set consists of three Sonic Screwdrivers, all with light and sound effects, that can split out into 4 component parts.

You can then switch these component parts to make around 80 different screwdrivers.

My son absolutely loves this toy, but needs a little help putting it together.

The pieces themselves are pretty easy to separate and snap back together.

The difficulty comes in working out which combinations will work – he needs some assistance making sure he has a bottom cap, a handle, a mid section, and an end cap.

So long as you have one each of those it will work.

Before you even unwrap the packaging, sort out some sort of storage box – you don’t want to lose any of these pieces.

3. Action Figures

Price: Around £8-£10 for each 5″ figure.

There are a number of episode-inspired playsets you can buy, but having read through the customer reviews, I wasn’t inclined to recommend any of them.

However, the action figures have been getting good feedback.

My experience is that so long as the kids have the characters and a square of carpet, they can use their imagination to play the rest of the game, and often the playsets get abandoned / broken anyway.

You should expect to pay around £10 for just one 5″ figure. If that price seems a bit steep, checkout eBay for bargain collections of used figures being sold off by kids who have outgrown them.

4. Nano Voice Recorder

Price: £15

Another of the Doctor’s fabulous gadgets, featured in his battle against the ‘Silent’.

Parents better watch what they say around the kids, because this can secretly record and play back up to 10 seconds of sound.

Plus there are buttons to add sound effects too.

A popular toy that has received some great reviews.

5. Ride In Dalek

Price: Launched at £200, but now available for around £100

Ok, with a £200 price tag, I am not really expecting the average Doctor Who fan to be unwrapping this gift, but it was too cool to leave off the list.

This Dalek has an inflatable body, but is motorized, so your kid and hop inside and scoot around the house, terrorizing family pets and younger siblings.

It also has lights and sound effects, and the rechargeable 6-volt battery is included.

Imagine how cool it would’ve been to have this when you were a kid:

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