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Posted on Oct 15, 2012

New FurReal Friends 2012 Baby Butterscotch Pony

New FurReal Friends 2012 Baby Butterscotch Pony

Summary: Toy Tattle takes a look at the FurReal Friends interactive Butterscotch Pony toy, new for 2012.

The FurReal Friends Butterscotch horse has been reinvented for 2012, and come back as a lap-sized baby pony. She’s beautiful, responsive and much more reasonably priced than the previous model, setting her up to be one of the hottest toys for girls this Christmas.

This demo video from Hasbro shows what the pony can do, and gives you a good idea of the toy’s size.

Besides what it says in the video, there are a few things worth noting:

  • This toy is suitable for ages 4 years and up.
  • All of the functionality is in the head. The legs only bend if you move them. The plus side of this is a much softer body than you typically find with animatronic pets.
  • The crunching noises only work if Butterscotch is munching on her special carrot, so don’t lose it.
  • You should be paying around $120 for this toy.

FurReal Friends Baby Butterscotch Magical Pony Reviews

Here’s a hands on review from a mom and daughter duo who were given the toy to play with by Hasbro.

There are more than two dozen customer reviews on Amazon for you to read, and some of them are very detailed and helpful.

Please note that if it says across the top of the review, in green type, that it is part of the Vine Program, it means the customer received the product free of charge, for review purposes. However, those parents are encouraged to leave honest feedback, so the reviews are still worth a read.

Original vs 2012 Butterscotch Pony

Before you leave me to buy this pony, you need to be clear on the difference between the old and new Butterscotch toys. In their scramble to promote one of the hottest toys for girls this Christmas, I have seen some websites mixing up the old and new photos and product features.

The original Butterscotch pony stood more than 3 feet tall and cost $250.

Just like the new version, she came with brush for grooming and would munch on the plastic imitation carrot provided.

The new FurReal Friends pony is set to be a big seller this Christmas, and features on many official top toy lists. Parents having difficulty finding in the toy in stock often have much more success when shopping online. But do not make a purchase based on the name alone – check the product photos and description carefully first.

Alternative Toys

If the $100+ price tag is making your eyes water, or maybe you can’t find Baby Butterscotch in stock anywhere, there are a few furry alternatives you can consider.

Cleo the Bunny from Animagic, and Bouncy My Happy to See Me Pup from FurReal Friends, are both new animatronic toys.

You could also check out FurReal Friends big seller from Christmas 2011, Cookie My Playful Pup. This toy originally retailed at $60, but can usually be picked up for around $40 now.

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