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Posted on Jul 30, 2011

New LEGO Ninjago Sets for Summer 2011

New LEGO Ninjago Sets for Summer 2011

Summary: A look at the new Ninjago sets being released by LEGO on 1st August, Summer 2011 – including new exclusive minifigures, dragons and vehicles, plus where you can find them for sale online.

All these new LEGO Ninjago sets are avaliable to buy from Amazon through this link.

2506 Skull Truck
For ages 8-14 years. Set includes truck and 4 minifigures with weapons. Costs $59.99.

2506 Skull Truck

2507 Fire Temple
For ages 8-14 years. Set includes Sensei Wu, Kai, Zane and Nya minifigures and Lord Garmadon, Samukai, and Kruncha figures. Collection of weapons includes: Scythe of Quakes, Nunchucks of Lightning, Shurikens of Ice, Dragon Sword of Fire, 3 golden swords, 2 silver swords, 3 black swords, 1 spear, 1 thunder bolt, 1 bone axe, 1 staff and 2 daggers. Temple splits to release Fire Dragon. Fire Dragon features spitting fire-ball action and poseable wings. Costs $119.99.

2507 Fire Temple

2508 Blacksmith’s Shop
For ages 7-14 years. Set includes Kai minifigure and Kruncha skeleton figure; 4 swords, 2 claws, 1 spear, 1 Chinese spear, 1 machete, 1 hammer, and 1 chicken leg. Blacksmith Shop features lifting roof and rotating wall revealing hidden weapons. Costs $19.99.

2508 Blacksmith's Shop

2509 Earth Dragon Defense
For ages 7-14 years. Set includes Cole minifigure and Wyplash figure; Scythe of Quakes, sword and blade weapons included. Earth Dragon features spitting ball action, smashing tail, armoured wings and poseable limbs. Costs $34.99.

2509 Dragon Defense

2521 Lightning Dragon Battle
For ages 8-14 years. Battle Set includes 4 minifigures Jay, Sensei Wu, Frakjaw and Kruncha. Weapons included: 2 golden spears, 2 large spears, silver mace, sword, golden blade, staff and nunchucks of lightning. Battle with the Lightning Dragons poseable wings, tail and limbs! Lightning Dragon measures over 18 (45cm) wide and 19 (48cm) long. Helicopter measures over 4 (10cm) wide and 10 (25cm) long. Costs $134.99.

2521 Lightning Dragon Battle

The LEGO Ninjago sets are available from Amazon and LEGO online shop.

Commercial featuring Skull Truck and Fire Temple

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