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Posted on Sep 14, 2012

Hot New Orbeez Toys For Christmas 2012

Hot New Orbeez Toys For Christmas 2012

Orbeez are still going and growing strong, with the Maya Group continuing to invent new and creative ways to play with these little gel balls.

Here’s my run down of the new sets released Fall 2012.

Orbeez Remote Control Ladybug, $40

Use this ladybug to scoop up Orbeez. You can see it in action in the video below, but before you press play, take this word of caution – do NOT let your kids thorugh the Orbeez about with wild abandon as shown in this demo, as you will be picking them up for months (from bitter personal experience).

Orbeez Light Up Flower, $20
This seems a lot less stressful. Use the Orbeez to create the petals, light-up and enjoy. No need to through Orbeez across the room with this toy.

Orbeez Pets, $7

These little critters will pick up Orbeez and display them in their clear bellies. Available as a cat, puppy and a turtle.

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