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Posted on May 28, 2012

New Playmobil Pirates Sets

New Playmobil Pirates Sets

The new Playmobil Pirates range was launched this month, and since I was lucky enough to get my hands on them at January’s Toy Fair, I thought I’d write about my experience for the benefit of any parents considering buying them.

5134 Pirate Adventure Island

What’s in the range

The Pirates range is aimed at kids age 4-10 years, and more than a dozen playsets, ranging from £80 for the Pirate Adventure Island to around £10 for much smaller sets consisting of scenery and a figure.

Because there is such a variety of playsets, ships and figures, it is easy to mix and match what you want to suit your budget. You are unlikely to find a retailer who stocks them all, and I am far too lazy to write them all out here, so I suggest once you’ve finished reading my review, you head on over to and search for ‘pirate’.

Getting hands on

I was allowed to play with the Pirate Adventure Island (5134) and the Large Pirate Ship (5135), winner of a best new toy award for 2012.

As I always find with Playmobil products, the toys were well made, robust and beautifully finished.

What I really love is the number of bits and pieces that come with each set and how much thought has gone into integrating interactive games and activities.

For example the Adventure Island, £80, is based around a game where you need to hunt out 5 gold coins, decipher the coded puzzle, and place the coins in a particular order to unlock the cave and reveal the treasure. Then hidden all over the playsets are little obstacles for your pirates to negotiate like a rockfall, swamp and secret stairs. I can well imagine my two boys playing with this set and then leaping all over the house pretending to be hunting for treasure on the island.

5135 Large Pirate Ship

The Large Pirate Ship was large. Apologies, I know that isn’t very descriptive, but it is. To me it looked big, to a child I should imagine it looks whopping. It is 68cm long, 22.5cm wide and 56cm tall. It has a secret hiding place for the treasure and a loading crane for hauling up the loot.
Playmobil say this boat can float, and if you are willing to pay to upgrade it with an underwater motor (only £5), it can move around the water by itself. I didn’t see it float myself, but i have tracked down this video on YouTube of the boat in action on the water:

At £50 I thought it represented a fair price, considering that the Queen Anne’s Revenge Pirates of the Carribean ship was sold by Flair for £90 last year, and that smaller quality wooden ships usually cost around £60-£60 each.

My Verdict

Overall I’m a big fan of this range. Boys love playing at being pirates, but the toys based around popular films can be a little flimsy, and become quickly outdated. This range is timeless and durable, and has so many toys in the line up it is easy to mix and match to build the perfect collection.

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