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Posted on Oct 10, 2015

New Rattle Me Bones – Shaking Pirate Game

New Rattle Me Bones – Shaking Pirate Game

Do you remember Rattle Me Bones from the 1980s? Captain Boney is back. He’s lost his ship’s wheel, but gained a treasure chest and a pile of gold.

Son#2 (8.5 years) has been woo’ed by the TV ads for this game, so when Drumond Park offered to send us a copy it was a ‘hell yes’ from him.

All opinions are my own, except for those that were expressed by Son#2.

What’s In The Box?

Shaking Pirate Game

Game: Rattle Me Bones from Drumond Park
Age: 5 years and up
Price: £22.99

Comes with electronic base, skeleton, spinner, coins and treasure pieces.

Need 3 x AA batteries, not included, but everything else you need is in the box.

Game Play

I didn’t need to read the instructions as Son#2 could recite the TV advert for me word for word.

For those who haven’t seen it yet:


The instant the skeleton was liberated from his box, he was renamed ‘Skelly’ and became the object for deep affection for Son#2.

When putting in the batteries (3 x AA, not supplied), I scared myself witless. I’d forgotten to turn the switch to the ‘off’ position, so the moment the final battery was in place, ‘Skelly’ was leaping about. Flailing skeleton + noisy motor = terrified toy reviewer.

Rattle Me Bones Review
Setting up the game was a challenge. It was tricky trying to convince the skeleton to stay pushed down, and there are a lot of accessories to fit on his tiny body.

We gave up trying to settle his arm on the staff, as tears of frustration were stinging my eyes.
Shaking Pirate Board Game
We found that we needed to be quite rough with the skeleton to ‘wake him up’. We’ve played a lot of games like this with Son#2 to help improve his fine motor skills and he seems to have mastered them, so he won every time.
Rattle Me Bones UK Review
The spinner suffered a slight bend as Son#2 rushed to remove it from the packaging, which meant the arrow didn’t spin well. A more sturdy spinner would be a nice upgrade – or maybe a coloured die.

The rules state two coins are the equivalent of one piece of treasure. This made life unnecessarily complicated, so we ignored it and made all the accessories the same value.

The box is sturdy and large so packing away is easy – just scoop everything in.

At 8.5 years, Son#2 is definitely at the upper age range for this game, but he was still excited to play with it.

The skeleton is fab and I suspect will be liberated from the box and used as an action figure. His springy arms leap about when he ‘wakes up’ and makes him fun and floppy.


Rattle Me Bones is out now in the UK, priced at £22.99.

Check out customer reviews and the latest prices at now >

Update – 2 Days After Opening

Son #2 is having much fun assembling this. He loves talking to ‘Skelly’ and getting him dressed with all his accessories.

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