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Posted on Oct 23, 2012

New SuperHero Grover toy for 2012 – Flying Super Grover 2.0

New SuperHero Grover toy for 2012 – Flying Super Grover 2.0

2011’s Talking Superhero Grover toy has had an upgrade for Christmas 2012, and now Super Grover flies and talks!

From Hasbro.

Press the button on his belt buckle to activate him.

Lift and tilt as if he is flying and he will react by moving his arms, head and with appropriate phrases.

He can sing, says funny phrases and has sound effects.

When he is not being played with, Grover goes into sleep mode to save on batteries.

You can tell the 2011 and 2012 models apart because only the Flying Super Grover has gloves and a belt.

I’ve tried adding the Hasbro demonstration video to this page, and failed miserably, but you can see the toy in action over on this Amazon hosted video.

Suitable for kids aged 2 years and up.

Requires 2 AA batteries.

Expect to pay around $30-$32.

Flying Super Grover 2.0 has recieved some fantastic and some not-so-great reviews from other parents. You can read the feedback left on Amazon here. There’s more than 20 reviews posted already as Amazon gave away the toy as part of its Vine reviewer program.

Super Grover isn’t the only Sesame Street character trying to get under your Christmas tree – you should take a look at the new Laugh Out Loud Elmo toy too.

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