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Posted on Feb 24, 2011

New 2011 Thundercats Toys And Action Figures

New 2011 Thundercats Toys And Action Figures

‘Thundercats Hooooooooo’.

Toy Tattle were delighted to hear that an all new looking Thundercats cartoon will be hitting our screens, courtesy of Cartoon Network on July 29th with an hour long special (8pm ET, PT).

All our old favourite characters will be back, so this will be a cartoon you actually want to watch with your kids.

And since you already know the names and the plot you should be able to hold a decent conversation about it without your six year old throwing you a ‘duh’ look because ‘you are so dumb’.

And once the show is over, your kids can recreate the action with their own Thundercats figures and vehicles.

The toys are made by Bandai, and will be released August and Fall 2011.

The Thundercats toy line up includes:

  • 4″ action figures ($7.99 each) come with an accessory, and an embedded magnet which activated features on the playsets.
  • 8″ collectible figures ($16.99 each) with 18 points of articulation – not compatible with the playsets, just for looking at.
  • Vehicles including the Deluxe Thunder Tank ($29.99), Thundercats bikes, and the Thundercats Lizard Cannon.
  • Thundercats Lair – the Tower of Omens Deluxe Playset ($39.99)
  • Role-play toys – Lion-O Claw Shield ($9.99) and the mighty Sword Of Omens ($19.99)

The 4″ figures contain an embedded magnet that activates features in the vehicles and playsets. For example the Snarf that comes with the Thunder Tank can activate the ‘Thundercats Hooooo’ call.

Industry experts are already expecting the Thunder Tank to be the Christmas sell out, but Toy Tattle thinks the Sword of Omens will be a big hit also.

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