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Posted on Sep 6, 2012

Top Toy Guns for Christmas 2012

Top Toy Guns for Christmas 2012

Every Christmas I can guarantee there will be one particular thing at the top of Son #1’s wish list – a huge, cool gun.

What makes a toy gun super-cool?

I look for 3 things:

  • Really colorful so that it doesn’t look in the least bit realistic. We are encouraging imaginative fantasy games, not role playing a shoot-out.
  • It needs to be huge, but small enough to be portable.
  • It should have minimal annoyance factor. Let me explain this one. I bought Son #1 a large Xploderz gun and it is driving me nuts. It is very loud when the launcher is fired and the blue pellets are going everywhere. My constant moaning at him to take it outside is sucking the fun out of it. So before deciding a gun is worthy of coolness I look for annoying features like a loud trigger, mess and anything that will require parental assistance such as jamming and tricky reloading.

So what are your options?

Nerf N-Strike Elite

Nerf N Strike Elite Hail-Fire, new for Fall 2012, $45

For straight-forward foam dart blasting warfare, you can’t beat the Nerf N Strike range. This Fall the new Elite line features some pretty impressive looking toy guns. The one pictured is the epic Hail-Fire, with a massive 144 dart capacity. The bigger the gun, the longer the range, but you’ll need to trade that off against the cost, and the weight of carryin the beast around during a game.

Nerf Vortex Series

Nerf Vortex Pyragon, released Fall 2011, $50

The Vortex disc blaster range was launched in 2011, and was added to this year with the huge Pyragon (pictured). Thesee guns fire foam discs instead of darts, giving them a longer range. In my experience these discs are also much easier to find and retrieve when playing outdoors, and don’t sting so much when you get hit by one.

Nerf Lazer Tag, $80 for 2 blasters

If getting hit with real (foam) ammo doesn’t appeal, you can let your i-device take the pain for you. The new 2012 generation of the old favorite ‘Lazer Tag‘ uses augmented reality technology. Just lot in your iPhone or iPod and use the screen to target your enemies, record your score, and track your damage.
Insert your i-device and enjoy an anugmented reality Nerf battle. All the fun, without the lost darts. More info and a demo video available here.

Launch N Attack – guns with launchable targets

Launch N Attack Exterminator, coming soon, $10

New for Fall 2012, these toy guns feature a UFO disk launcher, and fire foam bullets. Send the disk up into the air, then shoot it back down to Earth. The gun pictured is the smallest in the line. The larger blasters have more bullets, longer range, and the largest features and extra UFO disc.

Or perhaps a bow and arrow

Air Hunterz Z-Curve, $30

I know you came here looking for a really cool toy gun, but what about a really cool bow and arrow? These take up a fair amount of space, and require practice to be used with accuracy, but once you get going they are great fun, and look awesome too.

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