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Posted on Sep 12, 2011

New Wow Wee Paper Jamz Pro Series Guitars and Mics

New Wow Wee Paper Jamz Pro Series Guitars and Mics

Like the earlier versions of the Paper Jamz guitar, you can freestyle, strum along with a tune at your own pace, or skillfully keep in time with the pre-loaded songs.

The idea is to become an instant rock star.

Or you can use it to entertain your kids while you are rocking out on Guitar Hero.

So what’s new about the Pro series.

Well, for starters, there are three microphones in the line-up.

Plug the mic into the sound effects amp, and sing along to one of three stored songs.

You can apply a range of effects to your voice to make you sound like a pro, including chorus and harmonizing that will make you sound like you are singing in a tightly rehearsed band.

Secondly, all three instruments have a USB jack to enable you to upload your favourite songs to play along with.

Take a song from your digital music library, check that it’s the Paper Jamz Pro Compatibility Chart, and convert it using their app.

The guitars will cost £44.99, and the microphones are £34.99.

Both are suitable for kids aged 8 years and up.

Buy Paper Jamz Pro Mic Online in the UK

Buy Paper Jamz Pro Guitars Online in the UK

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