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Posted on Sep 12, 2011

New Wowwee Paper Jamz Pro Series Instruments – Download your own songs

New Wowwee Paper Jamz Pro Series Instruments – Download your own songs

The original paper-thin electronic guitars were a run-away rocking success in 2010, and now Wow Wee have releaed the next generation – Paper Jamz Pro.

So what’s new? You can add your own sounds and songs that’s what.

The Paper Jamz Pro set list is a huge list of songs that work well with the toys, and an indication of what instrument works best. Once you have bought the song from iTunes, or have acquired it in any other legal way, you can use the Paper Jamz app (free) to convert it into a compatible file format then upload it to your instrument.

The new Pro series instruments have a USB port and cable included to enable you to hook it up to your computer.

The new line-up includes 3 guitars, 3 mics and 3 drums sets. They were released September 2011, and are priced from $29.99 for a microphone, and $39.99 for the guitars and drums.

Paper Jamz Pro Series Instruments are available to buy online now at clearance prices from Amazon

Paper Jamz Pro Guitar Series

Three modes of play:
* Freestyle – go it alone, playing real chords and notes. Instruction booklet included with guitar will show you the correct finger positioning.
* Rhythm – the guitar takes care of the tune, buy you need to strum in rhythm to perfect the performance.
* Perfect Play – select a song and strum along – no brains, practice or skill required.

Includes real guitar features:
* Perform hammer-ons, pull-offs, palm mutes and slides
* Built-in accelerometer really makes your guitar wail
* 14 active frets for a wider range of notes

Personalize your Paper Jamz guitar:
* Add your favorite music with the free Paper Jamz Pro app
* Download new guitar styles for different sounds

* USB cable included
* Suitable for ages 8+
* Requires 4 x “AA” batteries (not included)

Paper Jamz Pro Microphones

Includes 2 built-in songs to get you started, or you ca add songs from your own music library using the Paper Jamz Pro app.

Features a range of voice effects to make you sound like a pro:
* Perfect Pitch – Corrects your pitch so you’re automatically in tune
* Chorus – Multiplies your voice to add depth
* Auto Vibrato – Adds dramatic effect to your voice
* Melody Match -Tunes your voice so you always sing a perfect melody
* Auto Harmony – Sound like part of a perfectly harmonized duo

* USB cable included
* Age 8+
* Requires 4 x “AA” batteries (not included)

Paper Jamz Pro Drums

* Freestyle – Create your own killer drum solos or lay your own rocking beats over your favorite songs
* Beat Machine – Remix beats on the fly
* Bring the noise with loops and fills
* Awesome backbeats and rhythms that loop in perfect sync to the music
* Record custom loops or rock to preloaded ones
* LED flashes to tempo to help keep the beat
* Portable for concerts on-the-go

Customize your drums:
* Add your favorite music with the free Paper Jamz Pro app
* Use the 3 built-in kits to change drum sounds or download new ones

* USB cable included
* Age 8+
* Batteries: 4 x “AA” (not included)

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