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Posted on Jun 21, 2011

New Zike Bike Toy – Zike Hybrid Scooter

New Zike Bike Toy – Zike Hybrid Scooter

What is a Zike?

A Zike looks like the secret love child created by a scooter and a bike. A Zike has one wheel at the front wheel and one at the back, two foot plates, but no seat. To make the Zike move forward you pump the plates up and down with your legs, and you use the handlebars to see.

To really understand what this new invention does you need to see it in action, so check out this video:

Types of Zikes

You can probably see in that video that there are a variety of Zikes. Here’s a summary:


Entry level Zike. Suitable for ages 5-8 years. Rear brake, and geared lower to make it easier for younger children to pedal / pump. Available in 7 colors. Costs $189.

Slightly bigger Zike for older children. Also available in 7 colors. Costs $219.


BMX-style Zike for children aged 10 years and up, with front and rear brakes. MRSP $329.


Largest Zike and most like a bike, with large 20-inch front tire and 16-inch rear. Has 7 different speed settings. Suitable for children aged 12 years and up, and adults under 200lbs and less than 6 feet tall.

Where can I buy a Zike?

Right now you can only order Zikes direct from the website, but the makers are working on their distribution line, as once we have online retailers confirmed we will add them here.

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