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Posted on Jun 19, 2013

New Octonauts Toy For 2013 – Deep Sea OctoLab Playset

New Octonauts Toy For 2013 – Deep Sea OctoLab Playset

It is a rare event when the UK gets a toy before the US.

However, since us Brits embraced the Octonauts and their Vegimal friends long before they were exported to the US, new toys are released here first.

Here are the latest additions to the Octonauts toy line from Mattel, available now in the UK and due around the Fall in the US.

The OctoLab

Playset features lights, sounds and interactive features.

The rescue tools are air powered, so you hook up your rescue tools to the hoses, turn the dial on the base to select the tool you’d like to activate, and push down on the pump to shoot a kelp cake, launch a rescue flare, or activate the volcano. The pump also activates lights and sounds. Comes with Shellington figure, Octo Bot, kelp cake, rescue flare, volcano, lava rocks, and three air power hoses. All the pieces fit inside and the playset closes up for storage (my favourtie feature).

Make Your Own Gup F

A plain Gup with 25 accessories for you to customize your vehicle with. Not sure what this wil be priced as. Currently being sold in the UK as £25, reduced from £50.

Kwazii’s Shipwreck

This playset is open at the back to allow easier access to the features. Includes Kwazii and sea creature figures, plus squirting eels.

On The Go Pods

Can be used alone or attached to the original orange Ocotpod playset.

Available with Captain Barnacles or Kwazii.

Open out as mini playset, or close like a clam.


These toys are available from now.

US residents will need to wait until later this year, or you can check out the Octonauts range currently available from

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