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Posted on Oct 20, 2011

Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster

Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster

Whether your kid loves the animated Transformers, the Transformers films, or both, this toy will be a real winner.

The Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster is styled to look like Optimus Prime’s weapon arm, and fires Nerf style darts and quite a speed.

It’s battery operated (isn’t everything) and boasts lights, sounds and an auto-rotating barrel of rapid firing action.

I had a cheeky play with one of these in Toys R Us and it was fanatastic. It looks great and sounds amazing, especially after you fire it – it buzzes and shouts ‘I am Optimus Prime’.

The gun is suitable for kids age 5 years and over. It’s simple enough to use, but it’s pretty heavy so that age sounds about right.

Expect to pay around £30.

Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster UK Price Comparison

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