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Posted on Nov 12, 2012

PlayDoh Gumball Machine – the New Candy Cyclone

PlayDoh Gumball Machine – the New Candy Cyclone

I loved the look of this so much, I have bought one for my youngest son for Christmas. He is always pestering me for coins to put in the machines at the store because he likes watching the plastic toy-filled balls roll out. And now he is getting his very own Play Doh gumball machine, which requires no coins from mom #win.

If you haven’t seen the commercial on TV yet, here it is:

And this was the best hands on review video I could find. It is from the UK, and is performed in the style of a rap, which is a bit lame, but if you listen to the content, you can hear that the family really liked the toy.

It doesn’t matter if you mix the colors up, and there isn’t any little holes for the Play-Doh to get stuck in (oh how I hate cleaning Play-Doh equipment, especially once the stuff has dried).

You should be paying around $22 for this.

Amazon sent out a couple of dozen of these sets for free to be reviewed under their Vine program, so although the toy hasn’t been out for very long, there are already 20+ customer reviews to read. You should check them out before you buy. Generally they are very positive, and they also include some handy hints on how to get the best from the toy.

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