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Posted on May 24, 2013

Toy Tattle Trials Playfoam – Squishy Coloured Styrofoam Balls

Toy Tattle Trials Playfoam – Squishy Coloured Styrofoam Balls

We tried out Playfoam.

Turns out it’s great for stress-busting, and helps my son concentrate.

Here’s my write up.

Playfoam – it looks like coloured styrofoam balls, and it squishes like playdough.

After excitedly ripping through the packaging Son #1 quickly pushed all the colours together to make one giant multi-coloured blob, and then abandoned it as it was time for school.

Now that may not sound like much of a product test. To be honest with you, I was pretty nervous about how I would write that review up, so I procrastinated for about a week, and in that time here is what I discovered:

* This stuff doesn’t dry out. It’s been about 10 days. I have no idea where the original packaging is, it hasn’t been put away in any container, but it’s still lovely and squishy.

* It is easy to pick out of carpet and off painted walls. I don’t recommend you go about grinding it into your household furnishings, but it happened ‘by accident’ in our house, and it cleaned up OK.

* This is a great stress buster for a child in an irritable mood (although please see previous point about household furnishings).

* My cat loves it. It’s lightweight so she can push it around the kitchen floor and chase it, but it doesn’t stick to her paws. Not actually recommended for pets.

* It helps Son #2 concentrate on his homework. He’s not a massive fan of handwriting practice, and has some trouble with fine motor skills, but squishing a ball of this in between writing down answers worked really well.

PlayFoam is available from Learning Resources in the UK, and Educational Insights in the US, and a pack this size costs £9 / $9 (people of Britain, the exchange rate does not favour us when it comes to toys).

This product was sent to me by Learning Resources, free of charge. All views remain my own. No other payment was received for this post.

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