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Posted on Jun 30, 2011

Playmobil Top Agents Range – Secret Spy Team Toys for Kids Only

Playmobil Top Agents Range – Secret Spy Team Toys for Kids Only

Hands off adults, this spy gear is for kids only.

This summer Playmobil will launch a new range called Top Agents, which no doubt have every Dad wanting to join in with play time.

The Top Agents range (I have also seen this called Spy Agents in the press), combines figures and playsets, with role-playing equipment so kids can get totally immersed in a fantasy play world of espionage.

Playmobil Top Agents Toys:
* Secret Agents Headquarters (pictured) – $89.99 – Comes with figures, vehicles and an alarm system.
* Robo Gang Lab with Ultraviolet Flashlight – $34.99 – Place to make Playmobil androids. Has many secret compartments, and hidden codes that can only bee seen then the UV flashlight is shone.
* Secret Agent Super Racer – $21.99 – White sports car with flip out wings and fires missiles.
* Secret Agent Detection Jet – $21.99 – Set of two figures, one with a jet pack, and one that rides on a jet.
* Robo Gang Truck – $34.99 – With satellite launch pad and fires missiles. Can also be combined with separate Remote Control module ($54.99) to become an RC vehicle.
* Robo Gang Battle Yacht – $44.99 – Floats on water, fires missles and has a hidden battering ram. Can be upgraded by adding an underwater motor.
* Torpedo Diver – $9.99 – Floats and can be upgraded with an underwater motor.
* Spy Camera Set – $84.99 – A real spy camera that transmits footage wirelessly to the color monitor. This can be combined with the Robo Gang truck to create a roaming spy vehicle. Tuck the camera behind the steering wheel, then use the bracket to attach the monitor to the Remote Control steering unit. Then direct the truck and film the action on the move.

Out now and available from Amazon.

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