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Posted on Jul 16, 2011

How to track down Pocoyo toys in the USA

How to track down Pocoyo toys in the USA

Got a tot who is head over heels in love with the Pocoyo characters, but not sure where you can buy Pocoyo toys in the USA?

Relax, Toy Tattle is here and armed with European toy knowledge.

How can anyone resist those cute little faces?

Pocoyo has melted the hearts of thousands of tots all over the world, and now, thanks to Bandai, you can buy Pocoyo toys in the USA.

It was one of my son’s favourite cartoons when he was a toddler, but sadly there were no toys available then. So I just couldn’t resist featuring them on Toy Tattle.

This little character has made it all the way from Spain to the US, so over here in Europe, I get to see a wider selection of Pocoyo toys than are currently available in the US.

You can see the full selection of US released toys on the Pocoyo section of the Bandai website, and I have found that the online retailer with the widest available selection is Amazon.

But if you are looking for something a bit different, it is worth taking a look at eBay.

Here you will find UK sellers willing to import toys over to the US that you would not otherwise be able to buy, for example the Pocoyo Nintendo DS game, and the Super Pocoyo plush toy pictured.

The Sleepy Bird Musical Plush toy (pictured) is not yet available in the US, but you may find it through eBay. He is around 10 inches long, has a light-up beak and plays Sleepy Bird’s lullaby. This toy costs around £10 ($16) in the UK.

There are also Wii and Nintendo DS Pocoyo video games available in Europe. These are designed for kids over 3 years and up. As with most video games, these have received mixed reviews with some parents raving about how much their kids love it, and others saying their child finds it boring. Again, you may be able to find internation eBay sellers willing to import these for you.

If you would like a glimpse into the future of toys you might one day be able to buy, visit the Pocoyo European store. I am waiting for clarification from their Customer Services as to whether they are willing to ship to the US, and I’ll update here when I’ve had a reply.

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