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Posted on Aug 3, 2012

2012’s Coolest Pool Toys

2012’s Coolest Pool Toys

You can make a quick dip in the pool last all day with the use of some clever pool toys to add entertainment value to the water.

Pool Noodle Connectors, $4 for 2 from ToySplash

Oh yes, we all know how versatile pool noodles are – float on them, fight with them, serve them up with chinese chicken (oops wrong type of noodle).

But they’re not really cool are they.

But these babies are cool – these are pool noodle connectors.

Use them to turn your relatively dull collection of swim floats into a giant, pool-friendly Meccanno set.

UFO RC Squirter, ToySplash, $50

One morning, sneak out before the kids are awake and place this in the pool.

Tell them it fell from outer space.

Do not, under any circumstances let on that this is a remote control toy.

Then hide away with the RC unit and fire at will.

Scoobarang Underwater Boomerang, $12

‘Boomerang’ is a generous description – this disc will come back to you, but only if you bounce it off the pool wall, so to be fair, it’s not a boomerang in the traditional sense of the word.

It is however, a clever disc that zooms about underwater, making a welcome change from balls and discs that you skim across the water or throw through the air.

Taff Sea Turtles, Melissa & Doug, $15

Ten baby sea turtles, each in their own little egg.

I love this set as there are so many different ways to play: gather them all up and hatch the turtles, try to find one of each number, add up the numbers on their backs, find matching pairs – just a little imagination and these tiny toys will keep kids from toddlers to first graders occupied.

SwimWays Swimming Challenge, $45

‘Mom, Mom how fast did I go?’, ‘Mom, Mom I beat her but she’s lying and saying she was faster, Mom, Mom….’ – sound familiar.

Let the Swimming Challenge Time take the strain.

Two pressure pads attach to the side of the pool, with the timer on the poolside, to monitor the timed laps of one or two swimmers.

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