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Posted on Nov 20, 2012

Power Rangers toys – a guide for beginners

Power Rangers toys – a guide for beginners

Avoid a Christmas Day fail, with a little Power Rangers research before you start buying stuff.

Important Stuff You Need To Know

If I listed all of the past Power Rangers series I would be here until the end of time (OK not really, but my cuppa would get cold, and I really can’t be bothered).

But what you do need to know is that the current TV series, and accompanying toy line is called ‘Super Samurai’. The previous series was called ‘Samurai’, and the toys from the two ranges are compatible.

A Zord is a transforming action creature. You can get a large robot-type Zord, like Bullzord, or Megazord, or you can get animal creatures like the tiger, or swordfish. The single Zords can be added to the larger robots to create a giant battling figure. The Super Samurai Bullzord (2012), is compatible with the single Zords, and Megazord from the 2011 Power Rangers Samurai series.

Are you still with me?

There is also a Mega Bloks line of LEGO-like Power Rangers construction sets. Although you can buy Zord sets, these are not compatible with the Bandai Zord toys described above.

What’s hot this Christmas

The toys you are most likly to be pestered for are the one’s your kids see on TV.

Here’s the advert that’s running currently:

The advert features:

Straighten the figures arms up in the air, push a button, and his chest swivels around to reveal a different battle outfit. Figures are an impressive 16cm tall.
Can be used as a bull-shaped vehicle, or transformed into a 27cm tall robot. Can also be combined with cycles for added fight ability.
Motorcycle with detachable weapons and 10cm figure to ride it. Can be combined with other cycles, zords and Bullzord to create huge fighting machine.

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