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Posted on Sep 29, 2012

Pumpazing Hands On Review

Pumpazing Hands On Review

The product: Pumpazing, from Drumond Park, £20

The testers:
Son#2 aged 5, and me.

Why: I was sent this toy to review by Drumond Park in return for an honest review – which this is, all my own words, no-one (apart from my kids) tells me what to do.

How to use it:
The blue guy is called ‘Zingy’ and those things you stick in his head are called ‘Zingers’.

Each player’s turn consists of pumping his arms until a Zinger is launched and Zingy makes a noise, which will either be a cheerful sound, or an ‘uh-oh’ type noise.

There’s a stash of blue tokens included, and the idea is that if you get an ‘uh-oh’ noise, you give up a token, and as players run out of tokens they drop out of the game until there is a winner.

How the test went:

Son#2 loved this the moment he set eyes on it. He could load the Zingers himself, and was happy pumping away until they had all been launched. He was not in the least bit interested in playing the game in the prescribed way.

So while he was amusing himself with Zingy, I set to work thinking of alternative ways to play, and here’s what I came up with:

  • The ultimate time out de-stressor.
  • Roll a die, then pump the arms as many times as you score on the die. You can decide whether you win a token, or are eliminated if a Zingy springs out.
  • Guess how many times it will take to make a Zingy spring out. See who pumps the most times. Good for counting practice and understanding the concepts of less and more.
  • Write letters on the back of the tokens – kids have to pump the arms while saying the alphabet until they reach that letter.
  • Use two different colours of tokens and give one colour for the good noises and a different one for the bad noises.
  • By about age 7 kids are learning about probability in maths so Son#1 and I had fun writing down how many pumps if took to get each Zinger to fly out and working out if it was random or a certain number was more likely.

I can see how playing with this toy was helping with Son#2’s bilateral co-ordination (simultaneously pumping with each arm) and fine motor skills (picking up an inserting the Zingers), so I am really pleased he enjoys playing with it so much.

I also like that since the toy is very simple, it is also versatile and you can make up your own games like the examples I have listed above. This will help keep the kids interested in it for longer.

Note – Toy was provided by Drumond Park. All views are my own.

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