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Posted on Sep 8, 2013

Rapidough Play Dough Model Racing Game Reviewed

Rapidough Play Dough Model Racing Game Reviewed

I was sent the game Rapidough from Drumond Park to be reviewed a few weeks ago. When it arrived I realised we were a person short, as the game needs at least four players, over the age of 8 years, so I held onto it for a while, and last night took it to a friend’s house.

I played with two adult friends and two boys aged 10 and 11, and we had so much fun.

How It Works

As with all the best games, simplicity is the key. Each team gets:
* A blob of dough;
* A mat to model on;
* A scalpel for carving the dough (although we mostly just used our fingers); and
* A plunger for stealing the other team’s dough when they lose.

There is a stack of cards, of three different types:
* One word – both teams model the same word;
* Two words, one of each colour – each team models the word in their own color;
* Three words – each team can pick whichever word they want to attempt.

There’s no timer. The teams race against each other, and whichever team guesses first wins that round, and gets to take a plug of dough from the losing team.

The game ends when one team has run out of dough.

Did It Work

Yes! We played the game twice. It was simple to play and great fun, and we found the adults and children to be pretty evenly matched. There’s a degree of skill, but enough luck involved so that it’s not taken seriously.

Adapting Rapidough For Younger Players

This game is much easier for children to join in than with general knowledge or drawing based games.

There were a few cards that we abandoned as the boys would not have known what the word was, or what the object looked like. Next time we play, I’ve now skimmed through the cards and made a separate kid-friendly pile for next time.

We also flexed the answers a little. For example the ten year old guessed ‘bacon’ when the answer was ‘rasher of bacon’, but that was good enough for us.

To even things up a little, when it is a child doing the modelling against an adult, you could give them a few seconds head start to work on their model.

Get Your Own Copy Of Rapidough

Rapidough from Drumond Park is priced at £24.99, and is avaialble to buy in shops and from online toy retailers now.

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