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Posted on Jun 21, 2011

Razor BoGo Pogo – new Razor pogo stick for 2011

Razor BoGo Pogo – new Razor pogo stick for 2011

The good folks at Razor have given the humble pogo stick a very modern make-over for 2011.

The Razor BoGo (aka Razor BowGo) is a pogo stick with added bounce. The bow-assist spring at the front of the stick flexes when you land, then helps you jump up to new heights when it springs back up again.

The smooth, high jumps the bow helps to creates, makes it easier to pull of tricks than it would be on a traditional stick.

As you can see from the photo, the spring is safely enclosed in that red casing, to stop fingers, skin or clothing being trapped while bouncing.

The Razor BoGo Pogo is suitable for ages 8 years and up, and can carry up to 140lbs.

Normally it costs around $100 from Toys R Us and in stores, but check out Amazon, where they sometimes have it on offer, and KMart who have it for $80.

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