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Posted on Sep 19, 2012

Start Playing With Your Food!

Start Playing With Your Food!

Toy Tattle’s Guide to Beautiful Play Food

You deserve beautiful toys.

Your child deserves beautiful toys.

But toy kitchens and role play food is one of the areas where plastic is king and ugliness reigns.

Take a look on the major toy retailers’ websites and you will see dozens of listings for giant packs containing hundreds of plastic fake food and kitchen items.

These suck for a few reasons:
i) You probably don’t want hundreds of bits of plastic lying around – maybe you just want a few great quality items, rather than hundreds of pieces of rubbish.
ii) These pieces are not at all durable. They are made from flimsy plastic that split at the joins when chewed or trodden on, and the stickers quickly peel and become tatty.
iii) They lack detail and are usually not in the least bit realistic.

So if I’ve sold you on the idea of beautiful play food, here’s the brands you need to look out for:
(Prices are for guidance only)

KidKraft – they make awesome wooden kitchens, like the famous red retro model below (£250)

Wonderworld – durable, eco-friendly, chunky rubber wood products. Breakfast play tray set even includes your morning bacon and egg (£20).

Tidlo, from John Crane – Makers of timeless wooden toys, like this beautiful cupcake stand which doubles as a shape sorter (£23).

Melissa and Doug – Really good for fun sets or a particular type of food, like a whole pizza cut up into slices, stackable sandwich making pieces, or this cookie baking set (£15).

Honeybake, from Le Toy Van – Lovely range of retro-feel playsets and kitchens, including this baking set (£50).

Where can you buy these beauties?
I found all the food pictured here by going to the play food section on Amazon, and then searching by brand name. I also really like – although I haven’t bought anything from them myself, their prices look fair, and they have a good selection of quality toys.

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