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Posted on Oct 21, 2011

Remote Control BeyBlades | Metal Masters XTS IR Spin Control

Remote Control BeyBlades | Metal Masters XTS IR Spin Control

These remote control Beyblades are called ‘Extreme Top System IR Spin Control‘ and are from the Metal Masters series.

After you have launched the Blade you can give it a power boost and control it’s direction, giving you more control over the battle’s outcome.

The launchers have two channel options so two IR Bey’s can battle without interference between the controls.

These are out now, and each set costs around $32.

BeyBlade IR Spin Control Demo Video

In this video you can’t really see how the controller influences the direction, but you can see how to give a power boost by pulling the rip cord through the launcher again – looks very cool.

BeyBlade IR Spin Control Customer Reviews

On both Amazon and Toys R Us this toy is scoring a respectable 4 stars out of 5. Parents really like how you can make the game last longer by powering up the Bey during play.

What’s also great about this toy is how much adults like it too, so its something that parents, kids and even grandparents can all enjoy together.

Do take the time to check out the Amazon reviews as some passionate Beybladers have left detailed feedback.

Where to buy XTS IR Spin Control Beyblades

There’s about 6 different characters you can buy in this range with different retailers carrying different stocks at different prices. All the major retailers below carry these toys in stock, and you can see the latest prices by clicking through the link below:

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