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Posted on Sep 13, 2012

Remote Control Cars and Toys for Girls

Remote Control Cars and Toys for Girls

Not only is playing with a remote control car heaps of fun, it is also an excellent way to develop hand-and-eye co-ordination, and spatial awareness.

So don’t let the boys have all the fun. Move the Monster Trucks out of the way, and get these fab girl-friendly rc toys out to play instead.

Techboy Pink Flying Bird, $76 (often at half price)

Air Hogs Mario Kart Princess, $30

Chicco Safari Tracker, $28

Just a few tips before you spend your money:

If you have more than one remote control toy being played with at one time, they will interfere with each other. When shopping for siblings look for toys with different frequencies, or that have a choice of two or more frequencies built-in.

Be realistic about what your daughter will be able to do with the toy at her age. Super-fast RC toys certainly look impressive but they can be very frustrating for little kids who cannot react fast enough to stop it crashing.

These toys eat batteries. Always have some spares or rechargeables ready to avoid power-out meltdowns.

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