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Posted on Sep 15, 2012

Jaw Droppingly Awesome Remote Control Toys For Christmas 2012

Jaw Droppingly Awesome Remote Control Toys For Christmas 2012

A remote control toy usually features on somewhere on every boy’s Christmas wish list.

Here’s my pick of the most jaw-droppingly awesome rc vehicles new for 2012.

Air Hogs Battle Tracker, £100

Fly your helicopter, and fire discs, while ART (automated robotic turret) tracks your movement and tries to shoot your vehicle down.

Wow Stuff Attacknids, £70

These are 10 inch tall, spider-like vehicles designed for battle. They fire missiles at each other, and when they have registered enough hits the Attacknid is disabled, so you can do battle until you have one clear winner.

Air Hogs Hover Assault, £50

You know when your kid is really happy he seems to hop, skip, jump and zoom about everywhere? That’s what this new Air Hogs RC buggy can do. It zooms about and then if anything gets in its way it just hovers over it. Even though this is the least expensive toy listed here, it is my favourite because not only can it drive and fly, it can shoot missiles too.

Inflatable R2D2, £50

This 2 foot tall, blow-up R2D2 can spin through 360 degrees, move forwards and backwards, and is self-righting. I was chased by one at Toy Fair and he is speedy and very realistic.

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