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Posted on Sep 13, 2012

New remote control toys to get you revved up for Christmas 2012

New remote control toys to get you revved up for Christmas 2012

Remote control vehicle fans need to sharpen their pencils, and start writing that list to Santa, because there are some awesome new RC toys available in time for Christmas 2012.

Here’s my pick of the coolest:

John Deere Monster Treads RC Tractor, $100

Big bouncy wheels make this tractor a seriously mean machine. Just like a well trained pup, he can perform standing and spinning tricks. Suitable for all-terrain adventures.

Mario Kart Characters, $30
Available as Yoshi, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong and Mario. Teeny tiny RC cars to recreate your Mario Kart races in real life.

Air Hogs Hover Assault, $45

Hops, soar, jumps, drives and to top it all, it can fire missiles. Pretty much every boys dream RC vehicle.

Hot Wheels Terrain Twister, $100

Transported on twisting pontoons rather than spinning wheels, this RC vehicle is desgined to traverse any surface.

Air Hogs RC Battle Tracker, $100

Fly the helicopter, and dodge the missiles shot by with Automated Robotic Tower.

Go to Amazon’s RC Toy Store >>>

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