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Posted on Jul 11, 2011

Rock Star Mickey Mouse – Fisher Price Rock N Roll Mickey Toy

Rock Star Mickey Mouse – Fisher Price Rock N Roll Mickey Toy

Update: The new Mickey Mouse toy for 2012 is Master Moves Mickey.

Summary: Check out the new for 2011, rock n roll Mickey Mouse toy – Rock Star Mickey.

That funky looking toy in the photo is the Rock Star Mickey Mouse from Fisher Price – a singing and dancing animatronic toy for little ones.

He will say a range of phrases, dance and play his guitar. And you can get interactive when Mickey asks for your help tuning up.

When rocking out, Mickey moves his head, and kicks his legs before ending his routine with leg splits and playing his guitar with his nose!

The sunglasses and guitar are included, but non-removeable.

Rock And Roll Mickey Mouse Demo

Mickey is out now and you can get it at Amazon with $8 off now.

Rock Star Mickey Customer Reviews

You’ve made a smart choice by doing your shopping online. With just a few clicks you’ll be able to check out what dozens of other parents think about owning this toy.

It was released in the summer, so there has been time for more than 20 customer reviews to be left on Amazon.

On average Mickey has been given a rating of four from a possible five stars.

Before you spend your money take the time to scan through some of the reviews, be sure to pick out a mixture of good and bad ratings so you can get a good idea of what you will be getting for your money.

Best Prices For Rock Star Mickey – Find in stock now

This Mickey toy has been tipped by some retailers to be a top hit for Christmas 2011, so it may be difficult to find one in stock.

Update – this toy was originally $55, but now it has been superceeded by Master Moves Mickey, you should be able to buy it at a discount.

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