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Posted on Sep 12, 2012

Top Toys For Science Fans

Top Toys For Science Fans

Every science loving kid should have these toys.

#1 A replica of the human body
The more gruesome the better.

Skeleton kits are easy to come by, but models with organs are not so common.

I really like the Smart Lab Human Body set pictured ($28).

The 12-inch model and accompanying book follows the progress of a piece of pizza as it journeys thorugh the body.

#2 A telescope for space exploration

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as star gazing before bed.

For younger kids, go for a handheld telescope, as they are unlikely to have the paitence to play around with focussing a more complex model.

The GeoSafari Talking Telescope from Learning Resources, $50 includes a detachable telescope and built in question and answer games.

#3 A microscope for minature exploration

Everything, from a human hair to a cornflake, looks so cool under a microscope.

For younger children you might want to start off with a handheld model so they don’t need to spend time making up slides.

The GeoSafari Tuff Scope pictured, $40, is dual purpose – you can use it as a regular microscope or take it off the stand and use it as a portable scope.

#4 Bug collection kit
You need something to scoop them up with gently and somewhere safe to store them.

I love the Insect Lore, and Backyard Safari ranges, especially this Bug Vacuum, $20

#5 Electrical circuit maker

Snap Circuits remains stunningly popular with dozens of kits ot suit your budget and your child’s abiltly.

Great way to learn about how electricity travels and can be used as light or sound energy.

Toy Tattle Tip Look out for the brands Edu Science, Smart Labs, Smithsonian, Insect Lore, Uncle Milton, Learning Resources and Elenco.

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