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Posted on Oct 15, 2012

Attention Elmo fans! There’s a new Tickle Me Elmo type toy

Attention Elmo fans! There’s a new Tickle Me Elmo type toy

The hottest toy for little kids ever was Tickle Me Elmo, released in the mid 1990s. You can still get your hands on one, but you can expect to pay around £80 for a brand-new-in-box model, and even in excess of £20 if you pick up a used Elmo on eBay.

If you don’t fancy either of these options, you will be mighty pleased to hear that the retro toy revival has hit Sesame Street, and there’s a new ticklish toy for 2012 – Tickle Time Elmo.

Here he is:

This interactive Elmo giggles and shudders when you tickle him, and says silly phrases too.

The toy is suitable for ages 18 months and up, and costs around £30.

If you prefer something a little more musical, you can still pick up last Christmas’s Elmo toy, Let’s Rock Elmo.

This clever animatronic Elmo will recognize which instrument you hand him, and you can join in the song with one of the ones left over.

Check him out in action here:

Rock Star Elmo was originally priced at around £65, but you can usually pick him up for under £40. Check the latest prices here.

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