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Posted on Aug 12, 2013

Skylanders Giants Review In Anticipation Of Swap Force Release

Skylanders Giants Review In Anticipation Of Swap Force Release

First up, yes I know that the latest installment of the Skylanders Saga is called Swap Force, and that Skylanders Giants was released almost a year ago.

This review came about because UKMumsTV is hosting a Skylanders Swap Force takeover, and sent me an email asking if I wanted to write a Skylanders review. Eagerly I agreed because Son#1 and Son#2 love playing video games, losing themselves in fantasy-world play with action figures, and are suckers for a collectible.

With great excitement we opened the package that arrived on Friday to unveil, not Swap Force, but a Giants starter pack.

So there you have it. I said I would do a review, I keep my promises, so here it is, even if it is on last year’s video game.

What’s In The Box

The starter pack included:

  • Video game disc for the Wii (also available for XBox 360, Nintendo 3ds and Playstation 3)
  • Portal – to be explained later;
  • 3 character figures: Tree Rex, Cynder and Jet Vac;
  • There were probably some instructions, but they were discarded as rubbish by The Sons.

Skylanders Review 3 Characters

What Parent’s Need To Know

Educational Value
Whilst I’m not suggesting that an hour of Skylanders a day can replace your child’s formal education, playing the game does help exercise logic, reasoning, problem-solving skills, and tactical decision-making, as players need to match a character’s abilities to the task or obstacle on the game.

How many packets of batteries will I need to buy?

No batteries required - cable connects portal to Wii console.

No batteries required – cable connects portal to Wii console.

The portal doesn’t require batteries!!! This will be a huge relief to Wii-owners already force feeding batteries into the back of the controllers every two hours. It plugs into the back of the Wii, and has a fairly long cable, so you should be able to find somewhere convenient to place it.

Any other associated costs?
The Sons had played this just three times, for an hour each time before they declared ‘we need more Skylanders’ – this is going to be the most expensive freebie I’ve ever been given.

There are 48 Giants characters to collect at around £6-£7 each, so the full collection won’t be happening.

However, it is possible (just not as entertaining) to complete the game with only the three characters included in the starter park, so don’t be guilt-tripped into spending lots of extra money.

It is also worth noting that you can use second-hand characters, which may have game progress saved to them, but will be around half the price of new characters.

Are the Skylanders games and characters cross compatible?
Characters from previous editions of Skylanders can be used on the portal, to enter the game.

And regardless of what console you have at home, you can take your characters to a friends house and use it in their Skylanders game.

How The Review Went Is Going

This has definitely usurped LEGO Indiana Jones as The Sons favourite video game. The cutest thing is that after they have played the game, they become the characters and leap around the garden pretending to be in the game.

I love how they work as a team when playing the game, rather than fighting against each other, and it is definitely inspired a new fantasy world for when they play together in real-life.

Get Your Own

You can buy Skylanders Giants for around £36.00 from Amazon now, or you can pre-order the new Swap Force game, for delivery in October.

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