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Posted on Jan 22, 2013

Guide To New 2013 Skylanders Swap Force

Guide To New 2013 Skylanders Swap Force

This is a very simple guide for parents who are totally baffled by what this hugely popular gaming / toy range is.

Skylanders fans should look away now, as they may find the simplicity of my explanation disturbing.

What is Skylanders?

Do you remember a cute little purple dragon called Spyro? I used to play a game featuring him on my old Playstation. Well he’s back now, and he’s brought some friends. There are three key parts to the modern Spyro game:

  • The Skylanders video game, which you play on whatever console you have.
  • The Portal – a circular plastic platform that plugs into your console.
  • The Skylanders figures – real world toys, that when you stand them on the portal, appear inside the game.

Now here’s the clever bit. Any upgrades, items earned or money earned by the character in the video game, is saved to a chip inside the physical action figure while it stands on the portal. Then if you take that action figure to a friend’s house to play, you can put it on their portal to jump into the video game, regardless of what console they have.

New Skylanders Game For 2013

The latest version of Skylanders, released October 2013, is called Swap Force. It differs from previous games in the series in two ways:
1) You can create your own characters. Instead of buying dozens of characters, you create your own by swapping the top and bottom halves of the figures.
2) The characters can jump, which until now they were unable to do. This new skill applies to all characters you bring in from previous editions.

Skylanders Swap Force Compatibility

From a parent’s point of view, the games’ backwards compatibility is its most attractive feature. Any figures collected for previous editions will work in newer games. So figures from Spyro’s Adventure, and Giants will work in Swap Force. What’s more, all abilities and hats (these are important) collected by those figures are remembered and carried over to the new game.

Skylanders Swap Force Pricing, Release Date & Pre Ordering

Skylanders Swap Force is due for release in October 2013.

Prices vary according to the platform you will be playing on, but you should expect to pay around £50 or $75.

You can place a pre-order from and

What Is Skylanders Swap Force Dark Edition

This is an exclusive starter pack, with exclusive figures. In the UK it can only be purchased from Game Stop.

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