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Posted on Jun 8, 2011

Squinkies For Girls Ranges

Squinkies For Girls Ranges

Summary: Take a look at these suggestions for Squinkies toys for Christmas 2011.

What are Squinkies?

You know those huge vending machines outside stores that dispense cheap little toys in a plastic bubble?

Blip Toys have captured all the fun of those surprise toys and packed it into a range you can play with, and vend, at home.

Squinkies are small, squishy, collectible characters that will fit on top of your pencils.

Each toy comes in its own bubble, and the playsets mimic the fun of putting a coin into a gumball dispenser and getting a treat.

They incorporate two growing trends among girls’ toys by being miniature and collectible, giving them double-appeal.

Squinkies Gift Ideas For Christmas 2011

Here are Toy Tattle’s tips for Christmas gifts for the little Squinkies fan in your family.

Squinkies Mall Playset
Everything your Squinkies need to a fab day out – with a ferris wheel, shops and even a water park. Priced at $59.99, with pretty limited availability.

Squinkies Cruise Ship Surprize

This hudge playset features an elevator, light-up pool, light-up aquarium, gift store, games room, control room and dining area. There’s even a ballroom with a spinning floor and light up chandelier.

The ship has a balcony, 3 levels of sleeping quarters and comes with 10 exclusive Squinkies and 7 Cruise Ship accessories.

Disney Princess Coach Dispenser
At $24.99 this is a more reasonably priced playset. This Squinkies storage and dispenser unit is styled to look like Cinderella’s carriage, and comes with 6 Disney Princess Squinkies characters included.

Barbie House Playset
2 storey, bright pink playhouse with balcony, and 5 Barbie Squinkies included. This was priced at $24.99, but Target have it reduced to just $17.99.

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