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Posted on Feb 23, 2011

Squinkies Toys For Boys | Get Squinkified Squishy Mini Action Figures

Squinkies Toys For Boys | Get Squinkified Squishy Mini Action Figures

Long-awaited Squinkies for boys have been released

Squinkies are 1″ tall, squishy, collectible, pencil toppers toys.

They were launched in 2010, but back then they had a distinctly feminine touch, with cute little bunnies and adorable princesses.

Boys looked lovingly at them but just couldn’t play with them because they were a bit too pink and girly.

So if your son has been secretly yearning for his own set of these tiny characters, you’ll be pleased to hear that Blip Toys have launched the imaginatively titled Squinkies Boys – 4 new ranges and 2 playsets with just the right level of horror and monstrosity to scare the girls away.

The first three series of bubble packs include mini aliens, soldiers and monsters. And the first playset is the Skull Cavern, which will dispense the bubbles and opens out to be a play-scene.

Hot Wheels, Cars 2 and Marvel Squinkies

To ensure their place in toy-royalty, they have also hooked up with legendary brands Cars 2, Hot Wheels and Marvel Comics – photos at bottom of page.

Each brand has a series of bubble packs available for around $10 for 12 bubbles. In the Marvel line-up you can now get a Spiderman dispenser, and in the Cars 2 range there is a Globie dispenser and playset.

Buying Squinkies for boys

First released Summer 2011, these are now becoming widely available both in stores and online.

Expect to pay arounf $9.99 for a series bubble pack of 16 Squinkies, and $30 for a large dispenser or play set.

Take a quick glimpse at the range in the offical commerical below – but plug your ears first.

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