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Posted on Apr 16, 2011

Sqwishland Squishies Animal Pencil Topper Toys For Kids

Sqwishland Squishies Animal Pencil Topper Toys For Kids

Squishies have been around for a while. You might recognize them as the little prize balls you can buy for 50 cents from the vending machines you can find outside stores.

Now, with the development of the Sqwishland online virtual world, comes a whole new range of Sqwishland toys that will be available to collect from retail outlets.

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Swishlander Pencil Topper Toys

Price: From around $5 for a Sqwishland tube of 6 toys

Age Range: 5 years +

Availability: Online now at Amazon

What’s A Squishie?
The makers refer to them as Swishlanders, or as a Sqwish. They are pencil topper animals in a ball-like capsule.

The pencil topper animals are now characters in a virtual world called Sqwishland, which features mini games and social networking for children. Inside the toy capsules there is a code which can be used to redeem points in Sqwishland, which is free to join and use.

New Sqwishland Tubes
Squishies will now be available in packs of 6, 12 and a party-mix of 24:

* Six Pack – includes 1 Rare and 1 Ultra Rare, with up to 1,500 Game Points inside each tube

* Twelve Pack – includes 2 Rare and 2 Ultra Rare, with up to 3,000 Game Points inside each tube

* 24 Party Mix – includes 4 Rare, 4 Ultra Rare and 16 Sqwishlander Capsules, 1 Collector’s Guide and 1 Giant Collector’s Capsule.

* Mystery Capsule – includes a mystery 2-inch Sqwishland toy and unknown number of points.

These toys are already available at Amazon and will be in stores soon.

Sqwishland Bracelet Kit
Dressing-up toy braclet that includes fixings for attaching up to eight of your favourite Sqwishlander animals. Pack includes a Sqwishlander that you can see in the pack, plus one hidden ‘Unbelievably Rare’ Sqwishlander.

DIY Sqwish
Design your very own Ultra Rare Sqwishlander. Using the special included code you can post your creation to your own personal gallery and use the social networking tools to get other people to vote for their favorite design.

Each month a lucky winner will have their design go into production as a real Sqwish.

Will Sqwishlanders Take Over The World?
Maybe. They combine the dinky cuteness of Squinkies with the highly addictive world of social networking and online gaming.

Hands On Review:
We were lucky enough to be sent a 12 pack and a 6 pack of Sqwishlanders to test out. My 6-year-old son and I loved pouring the bubbles out of the tube packaging, then popping the capsules open. My absolute favourite Sqwishlander is the frog with a mustache. I just couldn’t stop giggling and showing every visitor to my house.

We have tested out Squinkies already, and we found the bubbles for the Sqwishlanders were more robust – they held their shape better and could be snapped closed again quite easily.

Getting set up on the Sqwishland website was straight forward, and we both enjoyed playing the mini games, which we found easy to understand and rather addictive.

What Toy Tattle likes best about Sqwishland and the Sqwishlanders toys, is that they appeal equally to boys and girls, encouraging them to play together. So many toys segregate young children by gender, it is lovely to see boys and girls enjoying the same toy without anyone being concerned that it is a girls’ or boys’ toy.

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