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Posted on May 25, 2012

Gift Inspiration for Parents of Star Wars Fans

Gift Inspiration for Parents of Star Wars Fans

Looking for toys and presents for a Star Wars fan? Think you must own every branded product on the planet and not sure how you are going to come up with something new?

Relax. The Star Wars merchandising team never sleep, so there are hot new products being released every 20 seconds or so.

Get inspiration from my Star Wars presents guide, based on many years of personal experience.

Read All About It

LEGO Star Wars Heroes sticker book is everything a parent could ask for: quiet and mess-free

There’s a Star Wars book to suit ever specialist Star Wars interest from the LEGO minifigures, to the Clone Wars, the classics to the prequels.

You can also find a book to suit your budget, and the age of the birthday boy.

And parents love books too because they are educational and don’t take up too much space, or clutter the place up like toys can.

In our house the LEGO Sticker series of Star Wars books are very popular. My boys are aged 5 and 7, and they both love reading about the characters, then matching up the stickers from the back of the book with the correct name. And the books come with a spare copy of every character so you can still complete the book even in the event of a catastrophic sticker ripping.

Build It Yourself

LEGO sets are wonderful for many of the same reasons as the books – there’s a set to suit every age and budget, and they don’t take up too much room, until they have been built.

Build it, play it, add sound effects and background music (see Dad's review)

The huge kits are expensive (anything up to a £130!!!), but they make a great construction project for parent and child to work on together over the kitchen table, while enjoying a chat.

Also take a look at The Battle of Hoth LEGO Star Wars board game, £25 (pictured). I don’t usually copy and paste reviews from other websites because that’s a bit lazy, and I prefer the sight of my own typing (visual equivalent of ‘sound of my own voice’ I believe), but I came across this review on Amazon and wanted to share it.

This is written by the Dad, not the kid, the Dad:

We put on a Star Wars soundtrack on the stereo whilst playing and have some toys that have Star Wars sound effects that we play when attacking and such. So it invites to ‘geek-out’ a bit. I think it’s a safe bet that when you’re not at all into Star Wars, you’ll not really enjoy this game a lot. Also, the little figures (there’s a lot) are awesome.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Miniature, Glorified, Star-Wars Skittles

Star Wars Fighter Pods - stand them up, knock them down, play with them, collect them - lots of fun from little toys

The newly released (Spring 2012) Fighter Pods are tiny, battle-themed, and are based on Star Wars – what more could you want.

I’ve ordered some for son’s birthday and can’t wait to get my hands on them.

The sets come with character figures, little vehicles and the pods (balls).

This is a deluxe version of skittles basically, where the name of the game is to knock down as many characters as possible.

I love it because it allows for the structured game play, but can also be used as mini action figures during free play.

And they are a lot cheaper to buy than the Star Wars minifigures.

Mini Star Wars Militia

Behind my sofa lurks an unimaginable arsenal of Star Wars weaponary, and yet we still do not have every blaster or light sabre available.

Scarily realistic - not for the faint hearted

If you are in the market for a Star Wars weapon or dressing up outfit, heed my warnings:

      1. The Darth Maul mask (pictured) looks and sounds amazing, but is pretty chunky and heavy. Youngest son will hold it up to his face briefly, or sit and have a chat with it, but he can’t wear it and run around.
      2. The weapons least likely to cause damage to child or house are the blaster guns, then regular light sabres, with double ended light sabres being the most dangerous by a country mile, because those things are HUGE!

Hideously Cute

Snuggle up with Yoda to keep the Dark Side away at bedtime

This is a Yoda Star Wars Talking Plush.

How can a toy be so cute, adorable and yet hideously ugly all at the same time?

Available as Yoda, Chewbacca and R2D2, these soft toys are 9 inches tall, say Star Wars phrases when squeezed and cost around £15-£20 each.

I want one for myself. Probably Chewy rather than Yoda though, otherwise I will be too scared to go to sleep.

You can find these toy ideas, and more on my Gift Ideas for Star Wars fans Listmania list at Amazon >>>

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