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Posted on Sep 7, 2012

Save Yourself From Toy Overload With Sensible Toy Storage Solutions

Save Yourself From Toy Overload With Sensible Toy Storage Solutions

Thousands of parents live with the continual terror of being crushed to death under the enormous weight of their kids toys.

And if they aren’t stacked high, they are instead spread all over the floor creating an obstacle course forcing Mom and Dad risk life and limb as they negotiate it.

But you don’t have to live like that. Take control now with Toy Tattle’s tips for toy storage.

#1 Keep your system realistic Sure you can sort cars into one box and dolls into another to make it easier to find toys the next day, but if your storage system requires you to be sorting out the toys into 29 different categories there are 3 things that will happen.

Stage 1) Firstly you will take over all toy tidying as you will get annoyed when your kids don’t sort the toys correctly.

Stage 2)Then you will start to become mildly irritated every time a child dumps out more than one toy category at once. This stage is no fun for you or your children.

Stage 3)Finally you abandon this stressful storage regime for something much simpler and realize that lots of energy was wasted during stage 2, and now you need to retrain your kids to get over stage 1.

#2 Choose containers and furniture that fits in with your home decor

You should be spending money on something that compliments your interior, rather than dominates it. If all your toy storage is confined to the playroom, then go ahead and buy up a rainbow selection of plastic buckets. But if you need to store toys in a high traffic area, like the living room, opt for something a litle more neutral.

#3 Foster their indpendence

Make sure you design the system so that kids can tidy up toys successfully themselves and that they can see what’s inside and reach to get it without tipping everything out.

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